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A warm, relaxing and inclusive environment to capture the rhythm of life for Jamaica Blue’s key consumer groups.

We evolved and improved the brand experience throughout the chain of Jamaica Blue cafes to bring the Jamaican coffee heritage and brand essence to life in a retail environment.  We also created best practice solutions to multiple zoning challenges which had left Jamaica Blue with an indistinct experience, concept and design.


Our first Jamaica Blue concept store launched in Perth in March 2014. Customers and retailers were amazed. Thrilled with the results, the Foodco group has adopted the design in dozens of locations all over Australia, including the flagship concept store in Fox Studios, Sydney. IdeaWorks has now adapted the concept for the Malaysian market. 


In 2016, Jamaica Blue approached us to completely reimagine their customer service training from a transactional to hospitality approach. We worked closely with the client team to create and deliver a complete customer training approach, including qualitative research, training videos, comprehension testing and communications materials, based around the brand promise of making every customer’s day a little bit brighter.