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A refined retail experience to match the brand essence.

Our task was a complete top-to-toe transformation of Review’s store design to bring to life the essence, personality and story behind the brand. The design was to be at the core of the customer experience; a celebration of the confidence, elegance and sophistication that Review offers. Our aim was to entice new shoppers into store by presenting a dazzlingly beautiful, opulent shopping venue, paired with the service expected from a premium fashion offering.



Taking inspiration from 1950’s hotels, we believe that today’s Review shopper deserves the classic, sophisticated and special treatment of a golden age. The luxurious store design welcomes and transports shoppers back to a time when service was at the highest level – where our Review shopper feels free, special and pampered. From lush, velvety dressing room curtains, to the golden bell trolley clothing racks, the entire store transformation reflects this vision and promise.



Currently being collated. Preview can be shared upon request.